I Learned a System to Get Better Clients.




I Learned a System to Get Better Clients.

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From increasing the number of dream clients coming through your website to being booked with the perfect prospects, I’ve learned a system to get better clients.

It’s a fresh take on traditional content marketing from the book Content Fortress.
It’ll have your calendar packed with the kind of clients you love working with.

The best part? They’re already pre-sold to you before you even talk to them.

I even have a content creation system that will have you getting it done better and faster than you can even imagine.

And I’m sharing it all in this video.

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This Consulting business was able to Increase the number of their ideal dream Clients coming through their website by 250% last year and this photographer is Fully booked with her perfect prospects Thanks to a really dialed in content Plan I just read this book called Content Fortress and I was really Intrigued by the authors Martin huntbach And Lindsay cambridge's unique spin on Traditional content marketing to attract New clients they've cracked the code on Using eight powerful types of content Each designed to work together to Effortlessly pack your calendar with the Types of clients you love working with And who are already pre-sold on you These principles can be applied to all Your content from your website social Media posts your emails and of course Your more long form content like blog Posts podcasts or videos so we're going To go through all eight content types They recommend and I'll give you some Solid examples and some great ideas of Where each is going to fit into your Content to be used in the most effective Way and having eight categories of Content may sound overwhelming at first But when you think about it it's Actually a positive thing because it Means you've got plenty of categories to Rotate between when it comes to creating Your content marketing so that just

Means you'll never run out of stuff to Talk about and don't worry if you stick Around till the end I'm going to let you In on my system that helps me create all This content better and faster than you Think I remember back when I was was a Freelance designer I had a ton of Amazing clients but I also had a few That I vowed I'd never work with again You know I'm talking about the clients Who took up way too much of my resources Time and mental real estate and my Profits took a really big hit because of It for you these might be clients who Are too demanding or don't have the Budget to work with you or maybe they Just aren't ready to work with you yet And as it turns out preventing badfit Clients is one of the smartest decisions You can make in your business which Brings us to content type number one Repelling content now the idea of Repelling prospects might sound Counterintuitive at first you know why Would you want to push anyone away when You're trying to grow your business but Here's the twist not every client is Going to be the right client for you and Some clients can be downright difficult Zapping all your energy time and forward Momentum so how can you as a business Owner steer clear of these hurdles well This book has some pretty good ideas on How to create content that acts like a

Keepa away sign for those tricky clients But here's the catch how do you do this In a way that's friendly and not like Some grumpy old man saying you know I Don't want to work with you first you Want to ask yourself these questions What are bad clients do that trigger you What type of clients are well-meaning But either frustrate you or won't Benefit much from what you offer your Content now needs to communicate that You don't do business with these people But you're not coming right out and Saying it like that instead you just Want to be extremely clear about any Prerequisites that clients need to have In place as well as what they need to be Willing to do or the right mindset they Need in order to truly benefit from your Services let's look at an example of What I mean so let's say that you're a Landscape designer and you know that Your biggest problem type of client is What we call a ghaster right they're Hard to get a hold of and they end up Delaying the project because they're not Available for those important decisions Or approvals now you can totally address This problem headon in many ways Throughout your content on your homepage You could have a section dedicated to What our clients can expect from us and What we expect from our clients where You would just specifically say we

Expect timely communication and we'll of Course give you the same in return you Can hit on it again in a process Timeline section where you emphasize how Critical approvals are are in the Process you could even write a whole Blog post or film a video called why Communication is key in every successful Landscape project and you can then Repurpose that content into your short Form posts on Instagram Facebook and Even on LinkedIn and if you want it to Be really bold you can do what the Authors did themselves and write a blog Post on your website seven reasons you Shouldn't work with us it just lays out All the scenarios where you know you Wouldn't be the type of client that we'd Want to work with phrased much nicer Than that of course then once people see Your expectations the ones who know They're going to have a hard time Sticking to them will see that you're Not the right fit for them and that's a Good thing it gives you more time and Resources to give to the people you Actually want to work with and speaking Of which all that repelling content sets Up the boundaries of your Fortress but Attracting content is like a really Strong magnet you know pulling your Ideal clients straight to your door and When you get this balance right that That's when the magic happens you'll

Find yourself working with clients who Make your job feel less like work and More like a passion project attracting Content is all about showcasing your Strengths your values and the unique Solutions that you offer to your target Audience it's really about building Content that resonates with the people Who you want to attract essentially Warming them up to the idea of working With you so the first step here is just To know who you want to attract in the First place in the book the authors talk About a martial arts Studio that they Worked with who is sick of attracting Kids and parents who just wanted to Learn to be Power Rangers you know so They started creating content on their Website all about how learning martial Arts can help with bullying that started Attracting a whole new set of families That were more in line with their own Values and Specialties and there are Some really simple ways of just working Attraction content into your marketing Plan so start by just making it Incredibly clear who you do your best Work for right at the top section of Your homepage through your headline or Your sub headline you could have a who We work with section two where you lay Out who you can do your very best work For and why and of course one of the Best ways to attract exactly who you

Want to work with is to show that you've Worked with others just like them before And got them great results that's where Case studies come in just tell the story Of one dream client at a time in a way To where your future dream clients can See them M themselves in that story Because they're just so similar in terms Of their demographics and more Importantly their desires and overall Mindset so you've attracted your ideal Prospects and gotten their attention but How do you convert that into a sale Sales content is unique because it's the Bridge between interest and action you Know while attracting content warms up Your audience sales content is that Nudge they need to actually take the Plunge imagine you're a home renovation Contractor specializing in eco-friendly Home Improvements you've used that Repelling content to filter out clients Who aren't serious about sustainability And attracting content to draw in the Ones who are now how do you turn those Interested homeowners into actual paying Clients first your main content platform Your website should make it clear early And often how clients can actually get Started in working with you so start With your call to action button it Should be placed right up here in your Top section on your homepage right Underneath your headline and subheadline

And in various sections on the rest of The page too and I'm a big believer in Putting it right up in the top right Corner of your menu and make sure that It's sticky meaning it stays right up at The top of the window as you scroll down Sales content also comes in the form of Your service Pages where you talk about Exactly what you offer the benefits of Choosing you and any guarantees you can Make to help people see you as the less Risky choice you can also create blog Posts or YouTube videos or podcast Episodes about your various Services how You can work with us why our solar panel Installation pays for itself in 3 years Or five projects to prioritize for the Biggest eco-friendly home impact but be Careful here just because this is sales Content doesn't mean you need to hit Them over the head with you know sales Tactics or just rehash your sales page Into an article the biggest aim here is To sell through education so you're Arming them with enough information to Get them comfortable saying yes and Whenever you make a new piece of long Form content like those articles you Should email your list about it and let Them know why it's going to be helpful For them and then you just link them Right to it and just like the other Types of content you can repurpose these Long form articles as Instagram posts

Even as Tik toks reals or LinkedIn Articles but let's be real you know Before anyone pulls the trigger there's One one big question on their minds how Much is this going to cost me that is Where pricing content steps in the thing Is pricing isn't just a number it's a Statement of value and in today's Transparent information all around us World people expect to know what they're Getting into financially so ignoring it Or being vague can create distrust or Even send potential clients running to Competitors who are more willing to be Upfront but it's not just about slapping A dollar amount on a web page it's about Contextualizing that amount you know Showing the value and the why behind the Price tag when you're transparent about Pricing you're telling your clients we Have nothing to hide we believe in the Value we offer and we think you will too Once you see the full picture so where Does pricing content fit in here you Know let's say you're a wedding planner You know your ideal clients are couples Looking for more than just a cookie cut Or wedding they want a day that reflects Their unique love story so here are some Ideas on how you could approach your Pricing content a website pricing page You know clearly outline your packages From the essentials to the all-inclusive Luxury experience and then for each

Package list not just the price but also The value you know what services are Included and how each adds to the Overall experience can't list out hard Prices that's fine you can always talk About them in tiers ranges or starting At price FAQs include a section that answers Those common pricing questions like why Is custom wedding planning more Expensive or how can I make the most of My budget blog posts write articles that Break down the cost of a wedding like The real cost of a destination wedding Or why good photography is worth the Investment social media share Testimonials from couples who talk about The value they got from your services How you made their day stressfree or how You turned their dream into a reality Within their budget when you give your Clients a good indication of your Pricing and educate them a bit on why it Costs what it does and what they'll get Out of it you're building up a lot of Trust and not only that but think about The alternative and not talking about Pricing you know before I ever talked About it publicly I'd be on consultation Calls with prospects who were just Completely sticker shocked by my prices And my prices weren't even outrageous so We'd both be taking time out of our day To figure out together in real time that

This just wasn't a good fit as opposed To your not so great fit clients Figuring that out on the r clearing the Deck for more of the ones who can afford You not to mention clearing your Calendar from those awkward Conversations next we have guiding Content which helps your prospects find The right option for them a lot of those Comparison type blog posts would fit Into this category so if you were a Financial adviser this could be a post About how to choose the right finan cial Advisor where you lay out all their Options everything from extremely budget Friendly options all the way through the Most expensive you discuss the pros and Cons for each option including your Business and ultimately just be the Guide who presents the information and Then let your prospect decide for Themselves you know the goal here is to Make sure the ones who come to you fully Understand what you do and are truly the Right fit and I know this sounds a Little crazy right like you're Potentially driving your customers Directly into the arms of your Competitors but the ones who are the Perfect match will want to choose you Based on how upfront and transparent You're being and that you're obviously Not out just to make a quick buck so They want to work with you but if they

Don't know what's coming next in the Process that can be a sale killer it's Easy to sidestep this trap with process Content so this content type demystifies The steps involved in your service and It's super simple to show right on your Website I like to include this as a Dedicated section on your homepage where You just list out the three simple steps Of working with you step one is always Clicking the button to get your free Consultation or book your appointment And step three is always the happy after State they'll be in after you've done Your work you could also do some behind The scenes reels or Instagram stories About some of the steps involved with Various clients opinion content is where You get to show some personality and Take a stand on issues that matter to Your business business for a vegan Restaurant this could be blog posts or Social media updates discussing the Benefits of plant-based eating or Ethical sourcing for me in my business I Talk a lot about why social media can't Replace your website when it comes to Winning more clients and some people Disagree and they want to go all in on Social so they don't watch more of my Content they basically you know self- Select themselves out of my sales funnel Which as we now know is a good thing and Opinion contents and natural fit for

Your social media posts especially those Reals and other short form videos and I Did promise you my content creation System that lets me get it all done Without spending a lot of time on it and It's actually better quality too so just Click right here to watch this video Where I'm going to show you how you can Use chat GPT the right way to create all These types of content for you and a Whole lot more so click here and I'm About to make this all really easy on You so I'll meet you over there in a Second

Listing Your Craft Without It Getting Lost

When you think of internet marketing, do you see it as one more thing you must work at, in order to promote your business? If so, then you have a narrow view of the subject. It is so much more than that and it can be personalized so that it works for you. Read on to find out how.

Customer service should always be the cornerstone of your internet marketing plan. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is far more important online than in more traditional business models. Because of the Internet’s terrific opportunities for social interaction, a dissatisfied customer can (and will!) register their displeasure far and wide, spoiling your website’s reputation with potential visitors who might never have formed a poor opinion otherwise.

Make sure that the colors and themes of your website are unique to your company and portray the logos and colors that you have instilled. The last thing that you want to have happen is for your customers to think that you copied the design from another website, which will destroy your credibility.

Try to get a video or audio interview with a representative of the product you are selling. Question them on how and why they came up with a particular product. Make sure the majority of the content is quality information and include just a smidgen of information regarding how to buy it.

If you are on an online social networking service, do not forget to create a fan page. Creating this page will help to show exactly who is satisfied with your product and the customers that you want to target to keep long-term. Also, you should use this page as a platform to communicate the launch of new ideas and products.

After reading through all of that, do you still see internet marketing in the same way? Do you now see that it is so much more and that they are very simple things that you can add promote your business? There is work involved, but you decide on how much to put into it.

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