How to find a business opportunity no one knows about




How to find a business opportunity no one knows about

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There are a ton of amazing business opportunities out there right now that nobody even knows about.

The key then, is finding them – before someone else does.

After all, if you can get in first (or at least early) you gain a significant competitive advantage known as the “First Mover Advantage” and all the cash, customers, and street cred that go along with it.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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There are a ton of amazing business Opportunities out there right now that Are just waiting for you you just need To know where to look and how to find Them and that's why in this video I'm Going to be sharing with you how to find The best business opportunities right Now that no one is talking about and Most people don't even know exist I was Reading an article this morning on Unusual business ideas that can make you A whole lot of money and it really got My brain thinking in all kinds of weird Ways not only about some of the ideas That were presented things like starting A cat cafe which I'm pretty sure is just Literally a cafe that has cats all over The place selling micro greens which is Basically just starting a small tiny Little Garden in your kitchen and Selling them at Farmers Market but with The makeup do an extra Grand a month one Of the ideas was a pet hotel which is a Fantastic and lucrative business model I Know there's a few here locally that Make oh I don't know at least a good Couple mil a year but there were others Like selling candles and starting an Online Bakery and I'll make sure to link Up the entire article down in the Descriptions below but it really got me Thinking because while some of these Ideas were unique and were creative a Lot of them aren't going to make you any

Money I mean there's a reason that There's not a lot of competition in These spaces that's why what I really Want to do here is unpack for you how to Identify business opportunities and Evaluate them as good or bad or just Downright ugly first things first though We have to address the obvious statement Here which is that you're not going to Find new and creative and innovative Business ideas that nobody knows about By going to Google or by even going to YouTube because the fact is by the time That I've made a video on the latest Chat gbt Trend or social media marketing Agency hack or way to get new clients in A service based industry the moment that That video or that article goes Live Well already thousands if not millions Of people are going to know about it so Rather what you need to do is you need To arm yourself with the ability to sort Of tune into the market to be able to Train your brain to look for Trends to Look for the signals that are going to Show up in order to find the absolute Perfect business for you because that's The other side of the equation here is That not only does this business Opportunity and I'll show you exactly How to find them not only does there Have to be sufficient demand and proven Profit potential but it also has to be a Good fit for you so that you not only

Want to pursue it but actually are able To tap into your skills your interests Your passions and actually see this Thing through long enough in order to Get results alright so with that Disclaimer out of the way let's Dive Right into number one which is you want To always be looking for unmet needs These are essentially areas that someone Has shown interest in and they're unable To get what they want so think about Sold out signs think about No Vacancy Think about businesses that have a long Wait list anything like that that's Showing that there are customers or Clients or patients or people who want To go buy something but they can't now Here's the real beauty of this all is That you don't even necessarily have to Be the one to offer that exact same Service which we would call a direct Competitor offering the exact same Product or service to the exact same Kind of person because there are Alternatives they're substitutes there's Other ways for you to sort of fulfill This need we're going to talk about that More in just a minute but again just Keep your eyes and ears open for any Time that you see an opportunity like That because if there is currently Enough demand that a business is unable To sort of fulfill all of that demand Well it means that there's more than

Enough room for you to step in and make A really substantial amount of money Doing it in fact I said rant over but I've got a bit more ranting to do so Bear with me oftentimes when someone's Looking at a new business opportunity a New offer to launch they're looking for That uncontested market space with no Competitors but competitors are often a Very good sign that this is an industry A market a customer base a target Audience where worth pursuing because They're already there and if they've Been in business for any length of time The odds are good that they're at least Profitable enough to sustain themselves And most Industries are significantly Larger than you could ever imagine I'm Not talking about millions or tens of Millions I'm talking about billions and Billions of dollars so if you can go in And capture even a fraction of a Fraction of a percent you'll still be Basically set for life buying intent Also known as purchase intent is Basically exactly what it sounds like It's when someone a customer a consumer Is in the active or about to be in the Active process of buying something they Have more than just idle chit chat or Some words saying yeah I'd like to buy That or I'll probably buy that at some Point in the future rather they've got Credit card or cash in hand they're

Ready to go make that purchase and there Is a very very big difference between a Customer and a buyer and just a regular Person who's making comments on social Media the perfect example of this is if You're ever doing market research you're Talking to potential customers and You're saying hey would you buy this Thing for 10 bucks what you'll probably Hear is yeah that sounds great and Normally it's just because they don't Want to hurt your feelings or talk is Cheap it's easy to just say it but by The time you actually put it in front of You them and say hey okay well where's Your 10 bucks you'd be surprised how Quiet it goes that's because just Money Talks that's this is the The Proven Currency of business this is what Everything runs on if you want to see What somebody actually cares about and Actually believes in then look on what They're spending not only their time but Also their money on because again that's Going to be proof so you need to make Sure that when you're doing your due Diligence when you're looking for these Opportunities when you're talking to People that you're matching all of these Things up and you're lining them up with People who have bought before and are Going to buy again now where is the best Place to find prospective buyers Potential buyers buyers who are actually

Going to have intent and actually follow Through and make a purchase well it's by Looking at their past shopping history Not by going through their credit card Statements that's creepy and illegal but Simply by looking at related or Corresponding products for example if I Was selling I don't know Um legal services to business owners I Don't know where that came from but Let's run with it well I'd probably look At people that were already buying Accounting services people that had Business services that needed Corresponding uh business programs Microsoft Word does anybody still use Word I use word if I was a sprinkler Salesman I don't know I have no idea Where I'm getting these ideas and my job Was to install lawn irrigation well I'd Be looking for people that were Purchasing lawn mowers and ideally High-end lawnmowers I'd be looking at People that had recently looked at Landscaping services or that were hiring Landscapers or anything along those Lines if I was selling toothpaste I'd be Going after people that were buying Toothbrushes and finding and targeting These people has never been easier if You're gonna do it organically there are Groups there are Pages there are entire Communities around things like this Maybe maybe not toothpaste but if you're

Running Facebook ads or Instagram ads or Tick Tock ads or Google ads or any other Kind of advertising these are normally Audiences that you can select right hey Buddy dogs coming to say hi these are Audiences that you can select right Inside of the ads managers themselves People with affinities for certain Things in Market audiences people with Interest in this category or that Category again making your job just that Much easier all right the next way to Find a business opportunity that no one Knows about and no one's talking about Is to look for low barrier to entry Substitute products or Services I Appreciate that is a complete mouthful So let me break that down essentially You can take any product or any service That exists and then try to think of the Outcome that this thing is looking to Achieve and then find a faster a cheaper And easier alternative to that and that Is how most new Innovations how most new Products and services are created They're solutions to problems that exist With other services and products I told This story in another video but I think It fits perfectly here and essentially One day I was taking my kids out for Shave Ice if you're not familiar with Shave Ice it's a Hawaiian delicacy That's a whole lot like a snow cone but Like a thousand times better so we all

Hop in the car and we start driving to Our favor at Shave Ice place and on the Way there one of my kids says hey why Don't we check out this other new Shave Ice place that we've never been to Before and just like that we've Introduced a direct competitor to the Main business that we were going to and That's what everybody thinks about when They're looking at Alternatives or Substitutes to the to the competition or For different products or services or Businesses to offer is they look at that Direct competition but that's only one Small piece of the puzzle sure enough a Bit later one of the other kids says hey Why don't we go for ice cream instead And now not only have we introduced a Whole bunch of other Alternatives dozens If not hundreds of different places that We could go get ice cream but it opens Up an entire New Market category but Again they're all solving the same Problem they're all delivering the same Sort of solution of providing a tasty After dinner treat that's cold and Refreshing to uh to a hungry family Anyway after that one of the other kids Says why don't we go get a slushie which Is basically a Slurpee a melted Shave Ice a melted snow cone but again we've Now in introduced dozens more and all of These are alternatives they're Substitutes they essentially do the same

Thing but in a slightly different way Again we could talk about Popsicles we Could talk about ice water iced tea a Frozen soda all of these things are Going to be practical substitutes for The main thing that we're trying to do Another example if you want to travel From New York to San Francisco well you Can walk you can ride a bike you can Take a car you can drive your own car or Rent a car you could take a bus you can Take an airplane of which you could do Commercial airlines you could do private Airlines you could learn to fly and buy Your own small plane and fly that there Are essentially a number of different Ways to accomplish the same goal and This is the thing that you always need To be on the lookout for what are people Currently doing where are their Opportunities to offer better faster Cheaper more comfortable more luxurious More expensive whatever it is that you Want to serve how can you find Alternative solutions to existing Products and services alright the next Tip here is to keep it simple people Like Simple Solutions there's an Expression that says if you confuse You'll lose this is absolutely true Confused customers do not buy they just Get confused this is why no matter what You do no matter what you look at you Should always be looking at it through

The lens of trying to simplify it trying To take down these complicated business Concepts and ideas and industries and Break them down into the smallest most Manageable bite-sized chunks possible Let's use a marketing example here you Don't want to offer conversion rate Optimization AI powered website Services You want to offer websites that are Built quickly and make sales next if you Can find a way to streamline the buying Process that's only going to make your Life significantly easier as well have You ever been to a website or even a Store hang on my dog won't say no Thank you I'm gonna come over here and the Salesperson either asks a million Questions or shows you a whole bunch of Things that you don't really want or if You're doing an online checkout process You have to add to cart and then you Have to fill out your contact details And then it forgets your contact details And you have to fill them out again and Then you have to send a confirmation Email and it just goes on and on and on Until you finally just give up well that Is what most businesses do most of the Time often for bureaucracy and red tape Uh the larger the business the worse This often ends up happening but if you Can find a way to streamline and Minimize that and to keep things simple

You will succeed the fewer steps that Someone has to take in order to give you Money the more likely they are to Actually give you money the faster You're able to provide your customers or Clients with a result the better because Time really is money and people want Things faster than ever before the Easier it is for your customers to Explain to other people what it is that You do and what benefits you provide to Them the better because it's going to Mean more referrals more testimonials And more conversions from the referrals Because again people will actually Understand the service or the product That you're providing all right next tip On finding a business with uncontested Market space that allows you to dominate The competition and be a category of one Is to not scale things up too quickly so Let's say that you find an amazing Business opportunity here something that You're passionate about interested about No one's really talking about it yet and You see the opportunity you go all in Then things start taking off I'm talking About new clients new customers new Sales money coming in left right and Center life is good what do you do well My friend you pause you take a deep Breath you make sure that you've got Your accounting in order because all of This money comes in means a hefty tax

Bill at the end of the year but also you Need to make sure that what you're Writing is a trend and not a fad a trend Is something that's going to move in the Right direction and ride more like a Wave it's going to be a swell that goes And goes and grows and grows and allows You to hopefully profit from this for Years and maybe even decades to come a Fat on the other hand is like a fidget Spinner here today gone tomorrow it's Not something that you're going to be Able to capitalize on for years it's Certainly not something that I would Want to build a sustainable business on Unless your main goal is to just get in Make some quick cash and then get back Out uncontested Market space business Opportunities that no one knows about They sound amazing and they can often be Because you will benefit from something Called a first mover Advantage where You're the first one in and you get a Significant boost and significant profit That goes along with it but they don't Come without risks and without Challenges and the big question that you Really want to ask yourself here is why Is no one in this space for real of the 8 billion people on the planet nobody Has thought this was a good enough idea To pursue like no competition nobody's Doing this maybe there's a reason so Think things through make sure to talk

This over with a trusted team of friends And family and ideally mentors or Colleagues or other entrepreneurs in the Space and above all keep your expenses Low especially when you're starting any Kind of new Venture this means minimal Equipment minimal team doing a lot of The work yourself you can always build It up later as it proves itself and I Guess the final point and the most Important point of all is that always Make sure that you're building this off The back of a solid marketing strategy And of course that's why I've got a Video linked up right here that's going To walk you through exactly how to Create a solid marketing plan and Strategy for whatever business you Decide to pursue so check that guy out There and I'll see you in there in just A second

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