How A Stanley Tumbler Became a $750M Viral Hit




How A Stanley Tumbler Became a $750M Viral Hit

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In this video, we’re breaking down the incredible story of #StanleyTumbler. Watch as we uncover how Stanley, a storied brand that’s been around for over a century, turned their underperforming product into a $750 million viral hit. Dive into this inspiring breakdown of innovation, risk-taking, and the power of understanding your audience. If you’re a marketer looking to learn from real-world triumphs, this is a story you can’t afford to miss!

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How did a viral product turn Stanley Into a $750 million business founded in 1913 Stanley initially catered to Outdoorsmen and bluecollar workers to Much success but that was all about the Change introduced in 2016 the adventure Quencher initially didn't resonate much With their Audience by 2019 they stopped Restocking and marketing the product but As the Quinter struggled with Stanley's Usual customers it was gaining Popularity on social media with a Different audience enter the buy guide This e-commerce blog and Instagram Account was started by three women who Wanted to share things that they loved In their second ever Instagram post the Quencher was one of those things they Featured it as a must byproduct in 2017 Introducing the brand to a new audience Women every time we linked it it sold Out quickly we got so many pictures from Teachers who all have them in their Classrooms and from nurses stations with Cups overflowing in different colors and We knew we were on to something they Knew there was a narrower and more Passionate demographic for this product But with Stanley stopping production due To low sales availability became scarce Luckily for the buy guide they sent a Quencher to an influencer hoping to get A mention they did and it caught Stanley's attention soon after seeing

The post a sales manager for the company Reached out to the bloggers and they Created a risky deal that would Eventually redefine the quen's target Audience the buy guide would purchase 5,000 quenches wholesale under the Condition that they'd have to cover Warehouse and shipping costs but would Be able to retain all sales profits it Was a big risk for it it took every Penny that we had in our business Account plus some personal funds to make That happen by November of that same Year the buy guide launched online sales And sold out in 5 days they'd eventually Get a meeting with Stanley's parent Company where they'd suggest they create A a new website and join an affiliate Program when Stanley's new CEO having Previously been one of the minds behind Making Croc go viral learned about the Buy guide success with their product he Knew that kind of influencer opportunity Was just the magic that Stanley might Need so they made a pivot Stanley Decided to officially partner with the Buy guide through affiliate marketing And re-release the quencher except this Time with colors suited towards the new Demographic By doing so they transformed it from a Utility item to a fashion accessory Their sales continued to increase with Revenue jumping from 73 million in 2019

To 94 million in 2020 it more than Doubled to 194 million in 2021 in 2022 Stanley released a new quincer model With a streamlined design in more colors Revenue doubled again that year to 402 Million everyone was talking about the Brand and caught on fire literally in 2023 a Tik tocker's car burned down but Her Stanley Tumblr still cool with ice Her video showing the miracle hit 84 Million views Stanley's response their Savvy president offered to replace her Car and send new tumblers in a stitch Video that generated 32 million views And massive brand praise the impact was Equivalent to a $1 million advertising Spend and garnered over 100 million Organic views Stanley's journey in the World of collaborations was taken to the Next level when they entered a Partnership with Starbucks their joint Venture introduced a pink co-branded Stanley Starbucks Tumblr the result was An instant hit at Target demand for the Limited edition Tumblr skyrocketed Social media blew up with images of Fights overnight lines and hours long Weights this scarcity led to an Incredible resale value some of the Lucky Shoppers who got their hands on One are now reselling them for hundreds Of dollars this one is going for $810 And cherry on top is that the shipping Cost

$154 today the Quinter sold so well that It replaced the iconic Stanley bottle as The Brand's top selling product the # Stanley Tumblr has received more than 10 Million views as of 2023 the Brand's Annual sales were projected to top 750 Million while your brand might not be Partnering with giants like Starbucks There are still plenty of ways to brew Up success from Stanley strategies Here's some quick ways to get started First off keep a lookout for micro Influencers it's a term that's thrown Around a lot but what does it actually Mean these are accounts with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers they offer High impact for a lower investment to Find them start by searching hashtags on Instagram and Tik Tok search for terms Related to your Niche and then scroll Through the top performing results Result s you want to focus on posts from Accounts that have smaller followings But great engagement their engagement Rate is going to tell you how active That influencers audience is with their Posts if you don't have a tool that will Do this automatically here's a great way To manually calculate an influencer's Engagement rate per post so for a post That has 250 likes and 100 comments Together that equals 350 engagements Divide that by the number of followers They have then multiply that number by

100 and you'll have their engagement Rate when you find someone you like Slide into those DMS with a personalized Message compliment their work introduce Your brand and explain why you think a Partnership would be mutually beneficial Be clear about what you're offering and What you're asking for when it comes to Announcing your affiliate marketing Program reach out to your existing Customer base and followers they're Already familiar with and interested in Your products making them great Potential Affiliates create a basic Attractive announcement include key Details like the commission rate you're Offering and how to sign up post it on Your business's social media Pages Website and email newsletter with 79% of People saying user generated content Highly impacts their purchasing Decisions if you're an online business You can't afford to not invest in Running a ugc campaign especially when Seeing how amazingly it worked for Stanley start by creating a hashtag that Captures your brand Spirit selling Fitness Gear try something like #fit Gear in action incentivize them by Offering rewards and let them know You'll be featuring the top post on your Channels when it comes to finding other Businesses to collaborate with make a List of nearby businesses that

Complement your product again if you're Into fitness think local gyms or health Food stores take a look at their online Presence to ensure it aligns with your Brand then propose a mutually beneficial Collaboration idea like a co-branded Product the story of Stanley's quencher Is the story of a company that made an Awesome product and the bloggers who Helped them see who it was really for Remember sometimes you don't need a new Product you just need a new audience What are your thoughts on Stanley and The strategies they used if you made it This far let me know down in the Comments what case study would you like To see next until next time Bye-bye

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A great way to keep people coming back to your website and to keep your name fresh in their minds, is to have a newsletter. Let your customers and clients opt in to a weekly or biweekly newsletter and you’ll have a great marketing opportunity on your hands. You can use these newsletters to advertise sales, giveaways, new products or any type of information that you feel would be valuable to them.

Research what your competitors are doing when making your marketing plan. Search for keywords and see who ranks where. Use ideas from some of the higher ranked companies as jumping off points and see where you can go from there. Use your competitors efforts to see where you should focus your efforts.

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