Digital Marketing Course – Persona/Avatar in Digital Marketing Audience (video 11)




Digital Marketing Course - Persona/Avatar in Digital Marketing Audience (video 11)

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In this video, we will discuss about:
1. What is Persona or Avatar and how to create it
2. Different tools used in Audience Analysis

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Hello and welcome to the 11th video of This series and in this video we are Going to still talk about digital Marketing audience we are in module 5 And this is the last video of uh this Module which is digital marketing Audience and in this video specifically We will talk about what is Persona Because this is a very important term to Understand and then some additional Terminologies and I will take you Through some of the tools obviously I Cannot take you through all of the tools It will be very detailed but those tools Are very user friendly I mean I'll just Show you what to basically do there and I want you to go because most of them Have free trials I want you to go to Play around to understand how they can Be used which will give you um good Practice and after this module because This is the last video of fifth module We will directly jump into platforms and I will uh kind of have there'll be a Long video of around three hours maybe a Bit more about Google ads where we Discuss everything about Google ads and It's a good thing because you will Basically be able to put all of this These Concepts and terminologies which We learned so far you'll be able to put Them in place and understand how they Actually work and you'll be able to uh Kind of understand how to start a

Campaign or an ad account from scratch Which you can practice for free as well Because Google ads accounts is free to Create unless you run those campaigns And um yes so in this video let us first Understand what a Persona is now Persona Is a very common term used in digital Marketing and some companies find fancy Companies call it Avatar so what it Basically means is Um I'll give you an example um let's say That you are working for a company like BBC right so BBC uh has different kind Of AD campaigns where they want to Promote their content online or their Website or their social media Pages Their YouTube channel now if you're Working for a company like BBC imagine Who is the audience now the audience who Watches BBC content is huge right it's It's uh it's the the spectrum is large Because teenagers might watch BBC Content as well if it's related to let's Say sports right And uh mid-aged uh businessmen might Also watch BBC content if it's related To finance and business and then there Are older people who watch content who Consume content from BBC who are uh Let's say who are interested in World Politics and uh stuff like that now Think like if you are working for BBC What you have to do is you basically

When you are strategizing you're Creating a strategy it's very difficult For you to create a strategy which will Please all of these age groups right all Of these audience because if you want to Show content or promote your content About sports the older people might not Be interested right so it will be very Difficult for BBC to come up with a Strategy not just content so even if Where to show where to promote this Content to Their audience so for example BBC if they are promoting let's say Sports uh content and they are they want To reach out to teenagers they will have To go for let's say Facebook Instagram Social media platforms right and if they Want to Target business people they will Have to go for websites which talk about Finance and stuff like that Now as a strategy then to please Everyone and to consider all Their Audience they will have to create a very Wide which will be spread to thin Strategy and it will not be as impactful So what in those cases what the Companies do is they segment their Audiences their who they want to Target Into different kind of persona what I'll Show you what a Persona is but this is The basic fundamental concept behind Personas if your audience is too wide You just divide them into personas you Segment them separately and then create

Kind of separate sub strategies for each Of them and in that case what you have To do is when you have three different Personas you can create a separate Strategy that which platforms I should Use to run these campaigns what kind of People should I Target so you can have Impactful sub strategies within your Within your strategy but it will be Mainly uh driven by how you segment your Audiences separately like in in three Different categories and have separate Strategies for them now these groups you Can create based on demographics based On age group and based on other uh Status what is the education level what How much money they make and stuff like That because if you talk about companies For example let's take an example of a Product company now if you are a let's Say you are working for a developer who Uh build small apartments and which are Let's say three hundred thousand dollars Cost three hundred thousand dollars and At the same time you make Villas which Are multi-million dollar Villas then in That case as well you will have a wide Range of uh wide range of audience you Cannot have one strategy one ad copy one Targeting for all of them because rich People have different behaviors online You target them on different channels And with different messaging and people Who are interested to buy small

Apartments you target them with Different messaging right I will give You a deal waiver or whatever so in Those cases you will create two Different personas Apartment Seekers Villa Seekers right so that's how how You uh kind of segment these let me show You an example for example in last Videos we discussed about Tecla right if You remember that they create softwares For uh design software these uh Structural and construction designs now If you see that broadly speaking Tecla as a software company they they Want to Target these four types of People one is engineers and architects Who actually work on their software then We have the owners of the companies Right who might be interested in buying A Tecla for their company then there are Clients like big contractors who also Deal with Tecla somehow and then there Are students now they all are important For Tecla because These are the people uh the structural Engineers are the people who actually Will use these softwares so they have to When they advertise to them they have to Kind of understand that these technical Engineers which platforms do they go to And what should be our messaging like Let's say it's easy to use it's Compatible with a lot of other softwares And stuff like that however when they're

Targeting owners they know that for These people they have different online Behavior they target them on let's say LinkedIn owners of companies Construction companies and they go to Trading websites and finance websites And for them what will be important is Uh if how cost efficient it is and stuff Like that then there are let's say Students students because these Companies Target students while they are In college they are working on different Kind of projects to kind of get them Used to work on their software and while They are students they are used to Certain software when they go into the Industry when they start working they Prefer these softwares so this is the Strategy these companies use but other Obviously when they are targeting Students they have to kind of do Advertisement in a different way show Them that we have a student package you Can use it free for one year and stuff Like that but if they have they are Creating one strategy to Target all These kind of people It will be difficult for them to decide What should be the ad what should be the Platform we should advertise on because To create an ad Campaign which engages All of these four types of people is Very difficult I mean it will not be Impactful because they have to kind of

Please everyone so what they do is they Divide their Persona in these four Segments and have separate strategies Content strategy and targeting strategy For each of them so this is what Persona Is and uh every company who talks about Persona and Avatar they have these Personas already defined so this is like What an avatar means it's like an ideal Person in this persona for example in This case which we discussed Jake is an Engineer and architecture and design Consultancy firm jq's sbim software Every day but he's used a certain Environment he'll switch to Tecla if he Finds it more compatible cost efficient Ease of integration and additional Functionalities he visits YouTube if He's stuck LinkedIn Instagram for social Networking so they you kind of Define What this kind of person ideally is and What their behavior is and based on that You create strategies for these Similarly you will see these three let's Say Rajiv is an engineering student or a Beginner in his career he's looking for A software to use learn for a project Raji will soon be professional with Expertise and preference of a particular Software solution and would like to Stick to it during the extended period Of time and he is online he actually Reads blogs attends webinars and reads About case studies so it gives you an

Idea that what kind of online Behavior They have and stuff like that so these Are called avatars right and ideal Personality within this bucket So that's all about uh Persona and Avatar and I hope it's clear uh that why We do it then we have certain Terminologies Um so whenever an audience whenever a Company has an audience to Target let's Say for example in the last video we Discussed how companies can Target in Market segments how companies can Target Um Affinity segments right what is the Probability of those audiences will buy Our service or product now if the Probability is high they're called high Intent audiences if the probability is Low they are called Low intent audiences For example in Market audiences are Considered to be high intent audiences Because they're already researching for This product or service they want to buy Right they have high intent and at the Same time Affinity when you're targeting Affinity audiences Affinity audiences Are considered to be low intent because We are just guessing that they might be Interested they are interested in Football or they are interested in TV Shows let's show them an ad of Game of Thrones keychain and they might be Interested in so that defines the intent Now if you are targeting people who are

Searching for certain keywords on on Google and you're targeting them they Are also High intent because They're already researching for your Product or service right low intent Audience targeting is also called Prospecting because you're kind of Anticipating and uh guessing that they Might convert for your business for your Product or service online Then we've moved to our next Um Step which is some tools we use for Audience targeting now there are a lot Of tools these are some of the tools you Can play around with they are very cool And nothing much to understand there I Mean it's straightforward I'll just show You some of them for example let's say First go to sparktoro now this Particular Tool uh you you can sign up Uh for free trial and what you can do is For example you can search for audiences And understand their behavior let's say My audience frequently talks about Drones And if you are a drone company so you Won't understand what your audience does Online you click on search It'll show you here is the audience Talks about online aerial Services Photographer UAV and all these so you Can create while you are creating your Campaign for drones you can consider all This and create kind of different kind

Of audiences where you target people who Are searching for these there can be Many use cases I just want to First you To get used to it and understand what Kind of information they have social Accounts they follow most and DJI drone so you can kind of get an Inspiration if you are looking to create Content that all these people follow These pages so you can see what is Trending in this uh sphere websites they Visit it also shows you what kind of Websites uh they visit and you can kind Of if you are creating a campaign uh Based on your audience you see this you Can just run your ads on these kind of Websites there can be many use cases I'm Just giving you examples and you have to Think about it Here is what your audience watches Listens to and reads it will tell you What podcast they listen to and stuff Like that you can search for anything Let's say uh not based on what they talk About let's say my audience Um uses these kind of profiles so for Example you want to Target All Digital Marketers You're selling a course digital Marketing course now It will show you that what kind of Hashtags they use it's processing what Kind of social media accounts uh they Follow and uh what kind of websites they

Visit and you will get an idea basically And then they can create different kind Of audiences and targeting based on These parameters It will be really helpful or let's say You are looking for influencer marketing You can just see which podcast they Listen to and you can reach out to these Broadcasters or our YouTube channels and Tell them we want to sponsor your videos And things like that it's a lot you can Do a lot of stuff I just want you to go Here it's Create a free account and play around Then the next tool we have is audience Uh this is also a very good tool because When you register for free for this it's A u d i e n s Now uh then you can do a lot of audience Analysis I think they still have free Version uh free trial version and Basically you put in um different kind Of audience parameters let's say Demographics age or stay or different Kind of parameters it will give you a Lot lot of information about that Audience then we have lead feeder What this uh does basically is uh if you Are a business and you can connect your Google analytics with lead feeder and Based on what you traffic your traffic Of your website you can understand who Those people are now Google analytics Will tell you maybe age group and

Country where the P traffic on your Website is coming from but lead feeder Will tell you which companies they work For so for example if I have I have a website and I am a B2B business It's very useful for me because I will See that all the people who already come To my website which companies they work For and it can help me to kind of do Something called account based marketing And I'll focus on those companies and I Know that these companies are interested In my business the employees of these Companies and stuff like that just go Here create a free account and just see Read about them then we have Crystal dot AI it's an extension you add to your Chrome now any LinkedIn profile you go To it will tell you a lot of information About those people so it's useful for Sales people generally and once they Have a meeting with someone they come Here they go to their LinkedIn profile Uh open this extension and it tells them About the person you're going to meet What kind of behavior they have and uh Accordingly you can have your strategy So just play around with these and then We have so all these are listed on my Website sanitary we run on Toolkit this section here in the third I Have segmented all the tools important Tools In different categories let's say

Computer and market research so for Audience related tools you can go to This section here audience research and I have mentioned all the tools with Affiliate links and all the information About what they do so you can just visit This website my website and look for These tools so that is about these tools Now uh we already discussed a little bit About our dmps and there's something Called CRM rdmp is data management Platform CRM is uh you might already be Aware a lot of companies used it it's Called customer relationship management And CDP is a customer data platform Now we have a separate video a separate Module for these kind of tools Automation and these tools but I'll just Quickly give you an idea now and later We will have a detailed uh video about These Now a DMP is a data management platform What companies do is basically it's like A software uh let's say Oracle blue guy Is a DMP provided by Oracle right and There is low timing so me as a company I Can buy subscription for this platform And what it does is I can connect my Websites and all my app to this Particular tool and basically kind of Create audiences based on who is Visiting my website I can have email Addresses of my customers and I can feed That into this to store this audience

Data at the same time these dmps have Something called third party data Available which is companies like Visa Netflix they have tie-ups With these companies let's say Oracle And they provide data into these dmps as Well so for companies it's like a Particular platform where they store Their own audience data and these dmps Have data from all third parties so you Can kind of combine them Target them for Your campaigns for now this is uh this Is more than enough to understand but we Will have a detailed video to give you An idea how it works basically is let's Say a third party provider like whenever somebody goes to and they buy a ticket to Let's say Dubai Now passes this device ID of This user to DMP basically sells it to Oracle blue guy DMP and it becomes Available here so when you go to your DMP you will be able to see one segment Here popular destinations Dubai in Market so and if you are a hotel in Dubai so you can use this data to Target Your campaigns so that tourists all the Tourists who are coming to Dubai who Booked a ticket from you can Target them with your ads that okay we Are a hotel in Dubai or an event company Or whatever so think about these use Cases but honestly this is more than

Enough at this moment to understand what DMP is it's a data management platform Which stores first party data and Third-party data and then we have Something called cdps and crms Now crms is customer relationship Management it is like a tool for example You go to a hospital you go to a car Dealer now whenever you go there they Ask you certain information they store It in their software and next time you Go they already know or let's say uh you Do an insurance for your car when Whenever your inch car insurance is Going to end you they will always call You like a month or two weeks before how Do they know because all of your Information is stored in their CRM right So they can create different kind of Rules in their CRM whenever somebody's Insurance is about to end just give us a Notification so basically crms are the Tools which store the customer data for That particular business it can be a Hospital so when you go to a hospital Once next time you go there you tell Them your patient ID or name or whatever They have all the previous information About you what all the tests so this is CRM is kind of a platform which Companies use to store their customer Data now now crms are getting Advanced Basically it was initially used by sales Teams mostly but they are getting

Advanced now crm's data can be used in Different kind of platforms to create Campaigns and Target their customers Through emails through different kind of Uh platforms but that is what a CRM is And uh now with Advanced now I mean on The other hand a CDP is something which Kind of stores all this information you Can store in CRM and as well as you can Connect your website you can connect Your app and you can store like Event-based data for example if I have a Customer and they come to our website it Stores that as well so it stores a lot More information than CRM so for every Customer in a CDP you will have a lot More information that how many times They visited the website and how many Times they visited the app or things Like that how many times they even Visited uh if we have a physical retail Store now you will be like okay what is The difference the difference is you can Create different kind of rules in cdps For example I want to create a campaign Who are our customers targeting to our Customers but they did not visit our Website or happen last 30 days so you Can do these kind of so basically it's More enriched cdps are more enriched They have more kind of digital online Footprint data stored for each customer And at the same time you can activate This data across a wide range of

Platforms and you can basically Manipulate this data in a more extensive Way but more and more I mean in the Previous years I'm going forward as well The difference between crms and cdps is Getting lesser and lesser for example Salesforce is a CRM basically but they Have very Advanced features which in MO I mean there are very less features Which in which you don't find in crms Like Salesforce and which are available In cdps like let's say telium here so This Gap is shrinking but primarily that Is the difference between a CRM and CDP We'll have detailed video about this but Uh at the moment this is what you have To understand because it's somehow Related to the audience so I wanted you To get familiar with these terminologies And that is all about this video and This is this is where we end the Audience module the next module is going To be Google ads this will be a very Long video but I hope you um kind of uh Focus and uh for three hours and three And a half hours you'll be able to Basically understand most of Google ads How to create campaigns and you'll be Able to relate to all the terms and Fundamentals we learned so far thank you So much I will see in the next one

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